Dangerdeep CVS Status

Auto-generated on (26-05-2007 23:15 GMT)


thjordan : Disabled test code; fixed type in name

src/model.cpp (r1.140) src/model.h (r1.86) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.71) 2007-05-25

thjordan : Use arial font for ingame displays instead of font_typenr

src/subsim.cpp (r1.239) thjordan : Fix physics simulation code, better turning

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.123) src/ship.cpp (r1.128) thjordan : Much more efficient and elegant computation of w

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.122) 2007-05-24

thjordan : Fix in computation of physics variables, partly fixed sub turning with amok speeds

src/quaternion.h (r1.17) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.121) src/ship.cpp (r1.127) thjordan : Compute refraction color also with angle to viewer (more realistic)

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.12) 2007-05-22

thjordan : Added more comments about implementation

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.74) src/ship.cpp (r1.126) src/water.cpp (r1.211) thjordan : Physics: using new code for simulating physics, turning does not work right, beware!

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.120) src/sea_object.h (r1.108) src/ship.cpp (r1.125) thjordan : New method, to 3x3 matrix

src/quaternion.h (r1.16) thjordan : Added comment

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.73) 2007-05-21

thjordan : Physics: added 2 reminder comments

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.119) src/ship.cpp (r1.124) thjordan : Fix: int -> float

data/shaders/credits.fshader (r1.4) thjordan : Physics: position/impulse/force instead of position/velocity/acceleration now

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.118) src/sea_object.h (r1.107) thjordan : Set some default inertia tensors to work with

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.117) thjordan : Physics: removed old get_turn_acceleration interface, now fully replaced by compute_force_and_torque, but currently misusing the new interface

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.116) src/sea_object.h (r1.106) src/ship.cpp (r1.123) src/ship.h (r1.98) 2007-05-20

thjordan : Physics change part2: add some more state variables and comments.

src/sea_object.h (r1.105) src/ship.cpp (r1.122) thjordan : Physics change part1: remove get_acceleration, replace by compute_force_and_torque.

src/depth_charge.cpp (r1.36) src/depth_charge.h (r1.20) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.115) src/sea_object.h (r1.104) src/ship.cpp (r1.121) src/ship.h (r1.97) src/torpedo.h (r1.46) src/water_splash.h (r1.18) thjordan : Clean up SDL flags for creating video context.

src/system.cpp (r1.69) 2007-05-19

thjordan : Ignore elevation in periscope; allow only +- 20 degrees elevation in UZO.

src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.43) src/sub_periscope_display.h (r1.19) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.24) src/sub_uzo_display.h (r1.8) 2007-05-13

thjordan : Allow setting architecture for compile

SConstruct (r1.69) thjordan : Do not normalize viewerdir or values will be interpolated wrongly

data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.8) 2007-05-10

thjordan : Use blinn instead of phong shading

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.11) 2007-05-08

thjordan : Added comment about good idea with periscope blur texture

src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.42) thjordan : Better blur texture

data/textures/blurtest.png (r1.2) thjordan : Made shaders GLSL conform

data/shaders/blurview.fshader (r1.2) data/shaders/blurview.vshader (r1.2) data/shaders/credits.fshader (r1.3) data/shaders/credits.vshader (r1.2) data/shaders/modelrender.fshader (r1.5) data/shaders/modelrender.vshader (r1.6) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip.fshader (r1.3) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip.vshader (r1.2) data/shaders/under_water.fshader (r1.2) data/shaders/under_water.vshader (r1.2) data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.10) data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.7) 2007-05-07

thjordan : Added periscope blur view effect

data/shaders/blurview.fshader (r1.1) data/shaders/blurview.vshader (r1.1) data/textures/blurtest.png (r1.1) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.41) src/sub_periscope_display.h (r1.18) thjordan : Enhance checkbox functionality

src/user_interface.cpp (r1.283) src/widget.h (r1.51) thjordan : Make shaders switchable at runtime

data/texts/common.csv (r1.43) src/subsim.cpp (r1.238) 2007-05-06

thjordan : Added turkish translation.

data/texts/common.csv (r1.42) data/texts/formats.csv (r1.6) data/texts/languages.csv (r1.10) 2007-05-02

simsoueu : Replaced small notepad image by new image, consistent with notepad style from torpedo management screen. Also used in map screen.

data/textures/notepadsheet.png (r1.7) simsoueu : Updated line 263, to send text a bit below in small notepad image (for new notepad image).

src/sub_torpedo_display.cpp (r1.30) simsoueu : Updated subsim.cpp for uboat entries 661, 662, 663 as in common.csv, namely typ.IIb/c/d, as well as respective menu entries/selection.

src/subsim.cpp (r1.237) simsoueu : Updated common.csv for entries 661, 662 and 663, typ.IIb/c/d uboats.

data/texts/common.csv (r1.41) 2007-05-01

thjordan : More bunkers

data/maps/default.xml (r1.7) thjordan : Fix bunker pos

data/maps/default.xml (r1.6) thjordan : Added lorient bunker

data/maps/default.xml (r1.5) thjordan : Added prop rendering to map to render Lorient bunker as test

src/coastmap.cpp (r1.68) src/coastmap.h (r1.40) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.72) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.282) src/user_interface.h (r1.127) thjordan : Parse for "props" too

src/datadirs.cpp (r1.12) src/datadirs.h (r1.7) thjordan : Important bugfix: avoid hang in join

src/music.cpp (r1.15) src/music.h (r1.11) 2007-04-30

thjordan : New torpedo management screen

src/sub_torpedo_display.cpp (r1.29) src/sub_torpedo_display.h (r1.16) src/submarine.cpp (r1.136) src/submarine.h (r1.92) thjordan : Use new torpedo management graphics

data/images/torpmanage_daylight_background.jpg (r1.2) data/images/torpmanage_redlight_background.jpg (r1.2) data/images/torpmanage_submodelVIIc.png (r1.2) simsoueu : Added generic clean plate for torpedo management screen background, common on all uboat types.

data/images/tmanage_cleanbase_daylight.jpg (r1.1) data/images/tmanage_cleanbase_redlight.jpg (r1.1) 2007-04-29

thjordan : New fireworks effect

src/particle.cpp (r1.39) src/particle.h (r1.25) thjordan : New textures for fireworks

data/textures/fireworks.png (r1.2) data/textures/fireworks_flare.png (r1.1) thjordan : Added hack for fireworks particle test

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.177) thjordan : Added special particle for fireworks; enhanced particle class interface

src/particle.cpp (r1.38) src/particle.h (r1.24) thjordan : Added texture for fireworks particle

data/textures/fireworks.png (r1.1) 2007-04-23

thjordan : Added special checks to hunt down sigsegv

src/game.cpp (r1.221) src/global_data.cpp (r1.148) src/global_data.h (r1.138) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.114) thjordan : Added auto_ptr like release() method

src/ptrset.h (r1.4) 2007-04-17

thjordan : Fix computation of inertia tensor; fix model ddxml writing (index type)

src/model.cpp (r1.139) thjordan : Use real center of gravity to compute inertia tensor

src/model.cpp (r1.138) 2007-04-16

thjordan : Now inertia tensor can be computed

src/matrix.h (r1.12) src/matrix3.h (r1.2) src/model.cpp (r1.137) src/model.h (r1.85) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.70) thjordan : Now center of gravity can be computed

src/model.cpp (r1.136) src/model.h (r1.84) src/vector3.h (r1.24) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.69) thjordan : Added "is_inside" function for models plus test in viewmodel

src/model.cpp (r1.135) src/model.h (r1.83) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.68) 2007-04-12

thjordan : Make matrix code generic in dimension; added matrix3; added more methods to matrix class; adapted current code to work with new matrix class. NOTE: not all methods of matrixt<> template are valid for every dimension.

src/matrix.h (r1.11) src/matrix3.h (r1.1) src/matrix4.h (r1.24) src/quaternion.h (r1.15) 2007-04-05

thjordan : Fixed torpedo camera view by using glScissor

src/water.cpp (r1.210) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.71) src/freeview_display.h (r1.22) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.40) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.23) src/torpedo_camera_display.cpp (r1.3) 2007-04-04

thjordan : Adjusted position

src/torpedo_camera_display.cpp (r1.2) thjordan : Removed user_interface::target (deprecated); added torpedo camera view; use "k" to cycle through torpedo views

src/SConscript (r1.63) src/game.cpp (r1.220) src/game.h (r1.120) src/keys.cpp (r1.10) src/keys.h (r1.12) src/map_display.cpp (r1.65) src/sea_object.h (r1.103) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.39) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.22) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.176) src/submarine_interface.h (r1.57) src/subsim.cpp (r1.236) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.281) src/user_interface.h (r1.126) src/torpedo_camera_display.cpp (r1.1) src/torpedo_camera_display.h (r1.1) thjordan : Some eye candy

src/credits.cpp (r1.7) 2007-04-03

thjordan : Use sphere as "sun"

src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.67) thjordan : Make spheres with triangle strips

src/make_mesh.cpp (r1.11) 2007-03-31

thjordan : Convert underwater speed from knots to m/s when reading xml file

src/submarine.cpp (r1.135) thjordan : Finally fixed bug about deleted but yet referenced objects; added new handy function to sea_object class; adjusted important comment about simulation in class game

src/game.cpp (r1.219) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.113) src/sea_object.h (r1.102) 2007-03-30

thjordan : Objects were never deleted since leftover from last cleanup - fixed this

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.112) thjordan : Added Marco

src/credits.cpp (r1.6) thjordan : Added yalla

src/credits.cpp (r1.5) thjordan : Removed recently added zombie state, not needed

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.111) src/sea_object.h (r1.101) thjordan : Added important comment

src/game.cpp (r1.218) thjordan : One more "defunct" like state to keep objects around one frame longer to avoid crashes; handle dead/defunct objects in a clever way in simulate()

src/torpedo.cpp (r1.69) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.23) src/depth_charge.cpp (r1.35) src/game.cpp (r1.217) src/game_editor.cpp (r1.15) src/gun_shell.cpp (r1.36) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.110) src/sea_object.h (r1.100) src/ship.cpp (r1.120) 2007-03-29

thjordan : Allow usage of duma

SConstruct (r1.68) thjordan : Use class for directory abstraction for safer handling of ressources; this fixes lost memory

src/datadirs.cpp (r1.11) src/filehelper.cpp (r1.12) src/filehelper.h (r1.10) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.70) src/subsim.cpp (r1.235) src/widget.cpp (r1.71) thjordan : Handle music thread in saner way, now quit with close-window-event works again

src/subsim.cpp (r1.234) 2007-03-28

thjordan : Make console output where earlier the torpedo crash bug should have occured.

src/game.cpp (r1.216) 2007-03-27

thjordan : Possible or probable bugfix for torpedo impact crash

src/game.cpp (r1.215) thjordan : Removed obsolete code

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.109) 2007-03-26

thjordan : Added note about idea

src/todo.txt (r1.6) thjordan : Fixed segfault in successes&medals screen

src/ships_sunk_display.cpp (r1.27) src/game.cpp (r1.214) src/game.h (r1.119) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.108) src/sea_object.h (r1.99) thjordan : Added function to pause/resume all sfx

src/music.cpp (r1.14) src/music.h (r1.10) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.280) simsoueu : Updated TDCscreen2 base image, fixed alpha rings around tube lights.

data/images/TDCScreen2_Daylight_base_image.jpg (r1.2) 2007-03-25

thjordan : Use worker threads for CPU intensive construction of coastmap and water, to parallelize CPU and IO time or to speed it up on multicore systems.

src/coastmap.cpp (r1.67) src/coastmap.h (r1.39) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.279) src/user_interface.h (r1.125) src/water.cpp (r1.209) src/water.h (r1.63) thjordan : Print info about created and terminated threads to log

src/thread.cpp (r1.6) thjordan : Ability to request thread ids

src/thread.cpp (r1.5) src/thread.h (r1.4) 2007-03-24

thjordan : Play sounds of submarine engine

src/music.cpp (r1.13) src/music.h (r1.9) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.175) thjordan : Report error messages over thread boundary

src/thread.cpp (r1.4) src/thread.h (r1.3) thjordan : Bugfix: selecting tracks with fade time works now

src/music.cpp (r1.12) src/music.h (r1.8) thjordan : Make log output about failed messages

src/message_queue.cpp (r1.2) thjordan : Bugfix

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.174) thjordan : Handle events directly after retrieving them

src/subsim.cpp (r1.233) 2007-03-23

thjordan : Removed obsolete input state handling

src/credits.cpp (r1.4) src/damagemodel.cpp (r1.17) src/system.cpp (r1.68) src/system.h (r1.42) thjordan : Make notify commands asynchronous

src/music.cpp (r1.11) thjordan : Remove obsolete periodic-call-stuff

src/system.cpp (r1.67) src/system.h (r1.41) 2007-03-22

thjordan : New sound system (class music) in place - it runs in extra thread; disabled soundcache; removed obsolete class sound; all code uses new music class for sfx playback (still incomplete though).

src/SConscript (r1.62) src/airplane_interface.cpp (r1.12) src/event.cpp (r1.3) src/global_data.cpp (r1.147) src/global_data.h (r1.137) src/music.cpp (r1.10) src/music.h (r1.7) src/sound.cpp (r1.29) src/sound.h (r1.16) src/sound_effect_names.h (r1.2) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.173) src/subsim.cpp (r1.232) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.278) src/user_interface.h (r1.124) thjordan : Added rememember comment about SDL_QUIT events

src/system.cpp (r1.66) thjordan : Do not use tinyxml directly; removed XmlAttrib crap (moved to cfg.cpp, only place where it is used, and it should be removed there too)

src/airplane.cpp (r1.41) src/cfg.cpp (r1.15) src/global_data.cpp (r1.146) src/global_data.h (r1.136) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.107) src/ship.cpp (r1.119) src/submarine.cpp (r1.134) thjordan : New sound files and category data file

data/sounds/boom5.ogg (r1.1) data/sounds/nshipbell.ogg (r1.1) data/sounds/ (r1.1) data/sounds/torp.ogg (r1.1) 2007-03-21

rengolin : Comments

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.172) rengolin : Detailed listing of how simulate works this document is being made to elucidate how dangerdeep is simulating and how much of it could be improved

doc/simulate-flow.txt (r1.1) 2007-03-18

rengolin : Results and highscores not working, ommit for now

src/subsim.cpp (r1.231) 2007-03-15

thjordan : Improved error handling and thread object management

src/thread.cpp (r1.3) src/thread.h (r1.2) simsoueu : Updated subsim.cpp (:621/:654) for typeIIA uboat entry.

src/subsim.cpp (r1.230) simsoueu : Updated common entry for typeIIA model.

data/texts/common.csv (r1.40) thjordan : Use correct pointers with GL types for gl calls (fixes compile error on macos/ppc64)

src/framebufferobject.h (r1.3) src/shader.cpp (r1.9) src/texture.h (r1.54) src/vertexbufferobject.h (r1.3) 2007-03-14

thjordan : Backwards compatibility, include sdl_thread.h too

src/thread.cpp (r1.2) thjordan : Improved resolution selection on command line

src/subsim.cpp (r1.229) 2007-03-12

thjordan : Added message queue class

src/SConscript (r1.61) src/message_queue.cpp (r1.1) src/message_queue.h (r1.1) src/ptrlist.h (r1.2) thjordan : Choosen language is stored in config file

src/subsim.cpp (r1.228) thjordan : Added classes for condition variables and threads

src/SConscript (r1.60) src/condvar.cpp (r1.1) src/condvar.h (r1.1) src/mutex.cpp (r1.2) src/mutex.h (r1.3) src/thread.cpp (r1.1) src/thread.h (r1.1) thjordan : Added comment

src/mutex.h (r1.2) thjordan : Added a mutex class

src/SConscript (r1.59) src/mutex.cpp (r1.1) src/mutex.h (r1.1) 2007-03-11

thjordan : Request current resolution for initial list selection

src/subsim.cpp (r1.227) thjordan : Resolution can be changed in-game

src/subsim.cpp (r1.226) src/system.cpp (r1.65) src/system.h (r1.40) 2007-03-10

thjordan : Available video modes of sdl are now looked up in constructor of system class and can be requested later (done in subsim.cpp)

src/crosssection.cpp (r1.14) src/damagemodel.cpp (r1.16) src/portal.cpp (r1.13) src/subsim.cpp (r1.225) src/system.cpp (r1.64) src/system.h (r1.39) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.66) thjordan : First bits of resolution change (menu)

src/subsim.cpp (r1.224) 2007-03-08

thjordan : Moved sound effect name definitions to another new header file, so we don't need to include global_data.h for this

src/event.cpp (r1.2) src/global_data.cpp (r1.145) src/global_data.h (r1.135) src/sound_effect_names.h (r1.1) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.171) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.277) thjordan : Used wrong text to unman gun

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.170) thjordan : Some texts translated/corrected by Felix

data/texts/common.csv (r1.39) thjordan : Removed obsolete tokenizer; replaced parser by simpler one, that can read csv files better

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.106) src/ship.cpp (r1.118) src/submarine.cpp (r1.133) src/texts.cpp (r1.34) src/SConscript (r1.58) src/airplane.cpp (r1.40) src/convoy.cpp (r1.70) src/game.cpp (r1.213) src/game_editor.cpp (r1.14) src/parser.cpp (r1.34) src/parser.h (r1.12) src/token.h (r1.9) src/tokencodes.h (r1.26) src/tokenizer.cpp (r1.9) src/tokenizer.h (r1.9) 2007-03-07

rengolin : Quick script to test dd (r1.1) 2007-03-06

thjordan : Added comments, outcommented unused obsolete function

src/sound.cpp (r1.28) src/sound.h (r1.15) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.169) thjordan : Bugfix

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.168) thjordan : Added comment

src/sound.cpp (r1.27) src/submarine.cpp (r1.132) thjordan : Changed comment

src/subsim.cpp (r1.223) thjordan : Huge change: class game does not need user_interface any longer, thus broken circular dependency, for the price of engine sounds not working any longer at the moment

src/SConscript (r1.57) src/event.cpp (r1.1) src/event.h (r1.1) src/game.cpp (r1.212) src/game.h (r1.118) src/game_editor.cpp (r1.13) src/game_editor.h (r1.6) src/ptrlist.h (r1.1) src/submarine.cpp (r1.131) src/submarine.h (r1.91) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.167) src/subsim.cpp (r1.222) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.276) src/user_interface.h (r1.123) 2007-03-05

thjordan : Quick bugfix for segfault, but mere a hack

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.166) 2007-03-04

rengolin : Few comments, concentrating code

src/submarine.cpp (r1.130) 2007-03-03

thjordan : Underwater rendering now functional, no fancy effects yet

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.69) src/water.cpp (r1.208) thjordan : New shaders for underwater rendering

data/shaders/under_water.fshader (r1.1) data/shaders/under_water.vshader (r1.1) thjordan : Removed obsolete parts

data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.6) rengolin : Dive_to_depth changes were too rough, goto periscope depth affected BUG 1669377 in fixed

src/submarine.cpp (r1.129) thjordan : First bits of underwater rendering

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.68) src/freeview_display.h (r1.21) src/water.cpp (r1.207) src/water.h (r1.62) thjordan : New underwater background color gradient

data/textures/underwater_background.png (r1.1) thjordan : Move some commonly useful code from water to frustum class

src/frustum.cpp (r1.2) src/frustum.h (r1.2) src/water.cpp (r1.206) thjordan : Added comment

src/objcache.h (r1.17) 2007-03-02

thjordan : Periscope can now be moved in arbitrarily small steps (with left mouse button and movement)

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.67) src/freeview_display.h (r1.20) src/sub_bridge_display.cpp (r1.16) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.38) src/sub_periscope_display.h (r1.17) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.21) src/submarine.cpp (r1.128) src/submarine.h (r1.90) thjordan : Removed obsolete parts

src/parser.cpp (r1.33) src/tokencodes.h (r1.25) thjordan : Old rain/snow effects can be used again by enabling the defines

src/user_interface.cpp (r1.275) thjordan : Added some points

doc/TODO.txt (r1.3) 2007-02-28

thjordan : Improved movement of noise texture coordinates.

src/water.cpp (r1.205) thjordan : Remove obsolete parts

src/water.cpp (r1.204) src/water.h (r1.61) thjordan : Compilation fixes (bad namespace usage)

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.66) src/perlinnoise.cpp (r1.12) src/perlinnoise.h (r1.10) thjordan : Remove obsolete config options

src/subsim.cpp (r1.221) rengolin : More todo based on performance test of map screen

doc/TODO.txt (r1.2) 2007-02-27

thjordan : Improved water rendering and noise handling

src/water.cpp (r1.203) src/water.h (r1.60) data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.9) data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.5) thjordan : Added some comments/remarks

src/texture.cpp (r1.76) 2007-02-26

thjordan : Do not load "parts" xml elements, they have to be loaded in sea_object (active area of re-work)

src/submarine.cpp (r1.127) thjordan : Added texts that got lost

data/texts/common.csv (r1.38) thjordan : Do not restart music when leaving hall of fame

src/subsim.cpp (r1.220) thjordan : Foam spawning and decay now more realistic

src/water.cpp (r1.202) 2007-02-25

thjordan : Give amount of foam as vertex attribute to vertex shader

src/water.cpp (r1.201) src/water.h (r1.59) thjordan : Get amount of foam as vertex attribute from cpu

data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.4) thjordan : Some work to precompute amount of foam

src/water.cpp (r1.200) src/water.h (r1.58) thjordan : Bugfix

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.8) thjordan : Fog was accidentally enabled causing strange halo effect

src/sky.cpp (r1.71) rengolin : Todo list, please add yours. Added all fixme in code.

doc/TODO.txt (r1.1) rengolin : In simulate, dive_accel gets sub_velocity as parameter to know sink/submerge rate. Now, reverse is working, and planes down/up swapped behaviour (inverse signal). Using fabs(sub_velocity) to fix that.

src/submarine.cpp (r1.126) rengolin : Get_throttle_accel with signal hack to make reverse work

src/ship.cpp (r1.117) rengolin : Enum of parts redundant when we have it on xml

src/sea_object.h (r1.98) 2007-02-24

thjordan : New water colors

src/water.cpp (r1.199) thjordan : Some improvements

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.7) data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.3) thjordan : Improved rendering quality by some simple changes

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.6) data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.2) 2007-02-22

thjordan : Added comment, test and first code bits to compute amount of foam per vertex sample

src/water.cpp (r1.198) thjordan : One further comment with more results

src/water.cpp (r1.197) thjordan : Added comment about remaining bug

src/water.cpp (r1.196) thjordan : Some cleanups and bugfixes of water rendering code; water detail now configureable

src/subsim.cpp (r1.219) src/water.cpp (r1.195) thjordan : Remove unneeded and avoidable "using namespace std"

src/sky.cpp (r1.70) 2007-02-20

thjordan : Now with dutch translation

data/texts/common.csv (r1.37) data/texts/formats.csv (r1.5) data/texts/languages.csv (r1.9) thjordan : Removed obsolete parts from old water code

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.65) src/subsim.cpp (r1.218) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.274) src/water.cpp (r1.194) src/water.h (r1.57) src/water_sse.cpp (r1.19) src/water_sse.h (r1.8) SConstruct (r1.67) thjordan : Completely new way of water rendering using "geo clipmaps". Code is still experimental in some parts (see comments and fixmes), but yet faster and has more potential than old code. sse code and some config options are now obsolete

src/water.cpp (r1.193) src/water.h (r1.56) 2007-02-19

thjordan : Bugfix for sky z positioning; re-enable sky rendering

src/sky.cpp (r1.69) bombardier : Star twinkle added

src/stars.cpp (r1.2) src/stars.h (r1.2) 2007-02-18

bombardier : Star rendering using star catalogue

src/SConscript (r1.56) src/moon.cpp (r1.10) src/sky.cpp (r1.68) src/sky.h (r1.22) src/stars.cpp (r1.1) src/stars.h (r1.1) 2007-02-13

thjordan : Added some thoughts about collision detection

doc/codeguide.pdf (r1.5) doc/codeguide.tex (r1.7) 2007-02-12

thjordan : Show logbook entries with daytime, not date

src/game.cpp (r1.211) src/global_data.h (r1.134) src/texts.cpp (r1.33) src/texts.h (r1.36) thjordan : New format(s) for hour:minute

data/texts/formats.csv (r1.4) 2007-02-10

thjordan : Some shader changes

data/shaders/credits.fshader (r1.2) thjordan : Added Matt to website designers

src/credits.cpp (r1.3) thjordan : Cooler credits with shaders

src/credits.cpp (r1.2) thjordan : New shaders for credit's background

data/shaders/credits.fshader (r1.1) data/shaders/credits.vshader (r1.1) thjordan : Moved code to present credits (and text) to separate file

src/SConscript (r1.55) src/credits.cpp (r1.1) src/credits.h (r1.14) src/subsim.cpp (r1.217) 2007-02-08

thjordan : More about rendering

doc/codeguide.pdf (r1.4) doc/codeguide.tex (r1.6) thjordan : Some minor changes; included class diagram in codeguide; text is now wider

doc/classdiagram.pdf (r1.1) doc/classdiagram.png (r1.1) doc/codeguide.pdf (r1.3) doc/codeguide.tex (r1.5) 2007-02-07

simsoueu : Updated logbook_display.cpp for new ship's log image (just replaced filename).

src/logbook_display.cpp (r1.15) simsoueu : Added ship's log, internal rev1.1, daylight version.

data/images/shipslog_main_daylight.jpg (r1.1) simsoueu : Removed log book image, getting ready for final ship's log, with daylight and redlight versions.

data/images/logbook_background.jpg (r1.2) 2007-02-06

thjordan : Shrink amount of global data (ideally none)

src/coastmap.cpp (r1.66) src/coastmap.h (r1.38) src/global_data.cpp (r1.144) src/global_data.h (r1.133) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.37) src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.39) src/subsim.cpp (r1.216) thjordan : Remove obsolete data files

data/textures/addleadangle.png (r1.4) data/textures/flugzeug.png (r1.4) data/textures/menuframe.png (r1.4) data/textures/metalbackgr.png (r1.4) 2007-02-05

thjordan : Adjusted positions in panel by using right font for width calculation

src/user_interface.cpp (r1.273) thjordan : Fonts managed by cache, making memory management more automatic; new logbook view

src/font.h (r1.25) src/global_data.cpp (r1.143) src/global_data.h (r1.132) src/logbook_display.cpp (r1.14) src/ptrvector.h (r1.7) src/subsim.cpp (r1.215) thjordan : New fonts available

data/fonts/font_damagedtypewriter.pgm (r1.4) data/fonts/font_janeaust.metric (r1.1) data/fonts/font_janeaust.png (r1.1) data/fonts/font_jphsl.metric (r1.1) data/fonts/font_jphsl.png (r1.1) data/fonts/font_typenr.metric (r1.1) data/fonts/font_typenr.png (r1.1) data/fonts/font_vtportable.metric (r1.1) data/fonts/font_vtportable.png (r1.1) thjordan : Extended print_wrapped

src/font.cpp (r1.46) src/font.h (r1.24) 2007-02-04

thjordan : New font_king, new ingame widgets

data/fonts/font_king.metric (r1.1) data/fonts/font_king.png (r1.1) data/textures/widgetelements_game.png (r1.5) src/global_data.cpp (r1.142) src/global_data.h (r1.131) src/subsim.cpp (r1.214) thjordan : Bugfix, reset color

src/logbook_display.cpp (r1.13) thjordan : New logbook look

data/images/logbook_background.jpg (r1.1) data/textures/logbook_spiral.png (r1.5) src/logbook_display.cpp (r1.12) src/logbook_display.h (r1.6) thjordan : Fixed sky rendering, VBO for indices was used totally wrong (indices stored for quads, but quad-strips were used).

src/sky.cpp (r1.67) thjordan : Unbind VBOs like it should be done

src/sky.cpp (r1.66) 2007-01-30

simsoueu : Updated captain's cabin screen, daylight+redlight, to internal rev.1.2.

data/images/captainscabin_main_daylight.jpg (r1.2) data/images/captainscabin_main_redlight.jpg (r1.2) bombardier : Sky dome is generated in such way that it has greater vertex density near horizon.

src/sky.cpp (r1.65) src/sky.h (r1.21) thjordan : Renamed captain's cabin data files

data/images/captainscabin_main_daylight.jpg (r1.1) data/images/captainscabin_main_daylight_rev.1.1.jpg (r1.2) data/images/captainscabin_main_redlight.jpg (r1.1) data/images/captainscabin_main_redlight_rev.1.1.jpg (r1.2) src/sub_captainscabin_display.cpp (r1.2) thjordan : Ignore normal generation faults for buggy meshes (3ds)

src/model.cpp (r1.134) 2007-01-29

thjordan : Some more introduction and some bits about c++

doc/codeguide.pdf (r1.2) doc/codeguide.tex (r1.4) thjordan : Remove debug code

src/sky.cpp (r1.64) thjordan : Clean up texture environment correctly

src/moon.cpp (r1.9) bombardier : Sky bug fixed.

src/sky.cpp (r1.63) thjordan : Added captains cabin to screens

src/SConscript (r1.54) src/sub_captainscabin_display.cpp (r1.1) src/sub_captainscabin_display.h (r1.1) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.165) src/submarine_interface.h (r1.56) thjordan : Added texts for successes/captainscabin

data/texts/common.csv (r1.36) thjordan : Fixed the cleanup/deinit code

src/model.cpp (r1.133) thjordan : Use triangle strips as output

src/ (r1.2) 2007-01-27

thjordan : Ddxml can now store triangle strips as primitives, not only triangles

src/model.cpp (r1.132) src/model.h (r1.82) thjordan : Do not write obsolete "off" files

src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.65) thjordan : Added tool to generate large meshes

src/ (r1.1) simsoueu : Captains cabin main screen, daylight and night time version, internal rev.1.1. Already maximum compression without artifacts, do not recompress.

data/images/captainscabin_main_daylight_rev.1.1.jpg (r1.1) data/images/captainscabin_main_redlight_rev.1.1.jpg (r1.1) 2007-01-26

thjordan : Clever use of one quad-strip with degenerated quads as connectors instead of many quad-strips, performance improvement.

src/water.cpp (r1.192) thjordan : Removed obsolete comment

src/sky.cpp (r1.62) 2007-01-25

thjordan : Sky uses VBOs now for faster display

src/sky.cpp (r1.61) src/sky.h (r1.20) thjordan : Use VBO-only code again, shaders use vertex attributes (again, for now and ever)

data/shaders/modelrender.vshader (r1.5) src/model.cpp (r1.131) src/model.h (r1.81) 2007-01-23

thjordan : Use VBOs for non-shader rendering to give more performance

src/model.cpp (r1.130) src/model.h (r1.80) 2007-01-21

thjordan : More info

doc/codeguide.pdf (r1.1) doc/codeguide.tex (r1.3) 2007-01-18

thjordan : Delete in correct order (symmetric to construction)

src/framebufferobject.cpp (r1.5) thjordan : Bugfix: normal maps are GL_RGB, not GL_LUMINANCE; bugfix: bind texture before calling glTexSubImage2D.

src/texture.cpp (r1.75) src/water.cpp (r1.191) 2007-01-17

thjordan : Unbind renderbuffer after creation or it is always bound

src/framebufferobject.cpp (r1.4) 2007-01-16

thjordan : Unbind shader after rendering

src/model.cpp (r1.129) thjordan : Removed printf

src/shader.cpp (r1.8) thjordan : Use glDrawRangeElements, which should be a bit faster than glDrawElements

src/water.cpp (r1.190) 2007-01-15

thjordan : Record and show fps in console

src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.64) thjordan : Bugfix, bound wrong program

src/model.cpp (r1.128) thjordan : Removed obsolete asm shaders, no longer needed as reference

data/shaders/modelrender_fp.shader (r1.23) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip_fp.shader (r1.4) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip_vp.shader (r1.4) data/shaders/modelrender_vp.shader (r1.11) data/shaders/water_fp.shader (r1.38) data/shaders/water_vp.shader (r1.19) thjordan : Reverted back to old code using display lists (and color instead of vertex attributes), because it is much faster

data/shaders/modelrender.vshader (r1.4) src/model.cpp (r1.127) src/model.h (r1.79) thjordan : Use multiple VBOs instead one big. This was suggested as performance improvement for nvidia cards. It doesnt bring more performance though, rather a slight loss of 1 fps

src/model.cpp (r1.126) src/model.h (r1.78) 2007-01-14

thjordan : Use vertex attributes for tangent-x and righthanded info

src/model.cpp (r1.125) src/model.h (r1.77) src/shader.cpp (r1.7) src/shader.h (r1.7) data/shaders/modelrender.vshader (r1.3) 2007-01-13

thjordan : Use glDrawRangeElements for more performance

src/model.cpp (r1.124) thjordan : Use VBOs to render models instead of display lists

src/model.cpp (r1.123) src/model.h (r1.76) src/vertexbufferobject.cpp (r1.2) src/vertexbufferobject.h (r1.2) 2007-01-09

thjordan : Renamed vertexbuffer to vertexbufferobject

src/SConscript (r1.53) src/vertexbuffer.cpp (r1.3) src/vertexbuffer.h (r1.3) src/vertexbufferobject.cpp (r1.1) src/vertexbufferobject.h (r1.1) src/water.h (r1.55) 2007-01-08

thjordan : Added/changed comments

src/water_sse.cpp (r1.18) thjordan : Store wave height and displacement data as 3*float, not any longer as 32bit packed value, thus easier handling of data, and more precision (more performance too), needed for higher wind speeds; use gcc intrinsics for SSE code always (removed assembler code), as intrinsics are more portable and faster on newer gcc versions

src/water_sse.cpp (r1.17) src/water_sse.h (r1.7) src/water.cpp (r1.189) src/water.h (r1.54) SConstruct (r1.66) thjordan : Include texture.h so destructor of texture is called properly when stored in ptrvector

src/image.h (r1.24) 2007-01-07

thjordan : Use sub_image method of texture to avoid permanent re-creation of textures

src/water.cpp (r1.188) 2007-01-06

thjordan : Offer sub_image method to make glTexSubImage2d workable with texture class

src/texture.cpp (r1.74) src/texture.h (r1.53) 2007-01-05

rengolin : Damage list is a vector initialization not hardcoded anymore (but also not reading frmo XML yet) as it's not in use currently, that's not a big deal

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.105) src/sea_object.h (r1.97) src/sub_damage_display.cpp (r1.34) 2007-01-04

rengolin : Moving all damage code to sea_object, where it'll be converted to parts code (damage + buoyancy)

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.104) src/sea_object.h (r1.96) src/sub_damage_display.cpp (r1.33) src/submarine.cpp (r1.125) src/submarine.h (r1.89) 2006-12-27

thjordan : Added some comments

src/water.cpp (r1.187) thjordan : Added fog to fragment shaders

data/shaders/modelrender.fshader (r1.4) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip.fshader (r1.2) data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.5) thjordan : Removed old asm program shader code. now use GLSL everywhere

src/texture.cpp (r1.73) src/texture.h (r1.52) thjordan : Small optimization, added comment

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.4) thjordan : Removed obsolete comment

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.3) thjordan : Fixed bugs with giving uniforms to shaders, now water shader works

src/shader.cpp (r1.6) src/shader.h (r1.6) src/water.cpp (r1.186) 2006-12-26

thjordan : Water code uses glsl shaders now

src/shader.cpp (r1.5) src/shader.h (r1.5) src/sky.cpp (r1.60) src/water.cpp (r1.185) src/water.h (r1.53) thjordan : Bugfix

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.2) thjordan : New glsl shaders for water

data/shaders/water.fshader (r1.1) data/shaders/water.vshader (r1.1) thjordan : Added fog

data/shaders/modelrender.fshader (r1.3) thjordan : Use new glsl shaders for models instead of older asm programs

src/model.cpp (r1.122) src/model.h (r1.75) src/shader.cpp (r1.4) src/shader.h (r1.4) thjordan : New glsl shaders for models ready, added also mirrorclip shaders

data/shaders/modelrender.fshader (r1.2) data/shaders/modelrender.vshader (r1.2) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip.fshader (r1.1) data/shaders/modelrender_mirrorclip.vshader (r1.1) thjordan : New glsl shaders for models

data/shaders/modelrender.fshader (r1.1) data/shaders/modelrender.vshader (r1.1) thjordan : Use shaders for models, enhanced functionality

src/shader.cpp (r1.3) src/shader.h (r1.3) 2006-12-25

thjordan : Added shader_setup class (handy!)

src/shader.cpp (r1.2) src/shader.h (r1.2) thjordan : First version of GLSL wrapper classes

src/shader.cpp (r1.1) src/shader.h (r1.1) src/SConscript (r1.52) 2006-12-20

thjordan : Fixed loading of combined jpg/png images, now they can be loaded as sdl_image, thus texture::read_from_file got obsolete

src/texture.cpp (r1.72) src/texture.h (r1.51) thjordan : Use GL_STREAM_DRAW instead of GL_STATIC_DRAW with vertex buffer objects

src/water.cpp (r1.184) thjordan : New sdl_image wrapper class; use sdl_image instead of image for loading image data that is not used like in class image; removed obsolete cache from class image; made code exception safe by using sdl_image wrapper

src/coastmap.cpp (r1.65) src/font.cpp (r1.45) src/font.h (r1.23) src/image.cpp (r1.36) src/image.h (r1.23) src/sub_gauges_display.cpp (r1.31) src/sub_gauges_display.h (r1.18) src/sub_torpsetup_display.cpp (r1.21) src/subsim.cpp (r1.213) src/texture.cpp (r1.71) src/texture.h (r1.50) src/widget.cpp (r1.70) thjordan : Made exception safe

src/ptrvector.h (r1.6) 2006-12-19

thjordan : Maxfps command line switch: allow 0 to disable maxfps fully

src/subsim.cpp (r1.212) thjordan : Added comment

src/perlinnoise.cpp (r1.11) 2006-12-18

thjordan : Added command line switch for setting maximum fps value

src/subsim.cpp (r1.211) thjordan : Use FBO for foamamounttex too

src/water.cpp (r1.183) thjordan : Bugfix for detection of FBOs

src/framebufferobject.cpp (r1.3) src/water.cpp (r1.182) thjordan : Use framebuffer object extension if it is supported

src/framebufferobject.cpp (r1.2) src/framebufferobject.h (r1.2) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.64) src/water.cpp (r1.181) src/water.h (r1.52) thjordan : Added opengl frame buffer object wrapper class

src/SConscript (r1.51) src/framebufferobject.cpp (r1.1) src/framebufferobject.h (r1.1) thjordan : Clear texels when creating empty texture, so texture is initialized inside opengl

src/texture.cpp (r1.70) 2006-12-17

thjordan : Bugfixes

src/model.cpp (r1.121) src/system.cpp (r1.63) thjordan : Defined new exception(s); use exceptions instead of system::myassert

src/error.cpp (r1.4) src/error.h (r1.9) src/subsim.cpp (r1.210) src/system.cpp (r1.62) src/widget.cpp (r1.69) thjordan : New exception; added some comments

src/sound.cpp (r1.26) src/texture.cpp (r1.69) src/error.h (r1.8) src/music.cpp (r1.9) 2006-12-14

thjordan : Added some comments

doc/codeguide.tex (r1.2) thjordan : Added codeguide, draft document for new developers

doc/codeguide.tex (r1.1) thjordan : Show loading screen after

src/subsim.cpp (r1.209) 2006-12-11

thjordan : Fixed bugs in order of playing music tracks

src/music.cpp (r1.8) 2006-12-10

thjordan : Save more ram: do not hold invisible widget background images in ram.

src/subsim.cpp (r1.208) src/widget.cpp (r1.68) src/widget.h (r1.50) thjordan : Report and use texture_non_power_of_two better.

src/texture.cpp (r1.68) src/water.cpp (r1.180) thjordan : Save two shader instructions

data/shaders/water_fp.shader (r1.37) 2006-12-09

thjordan : Avoid wasting ram, reworked screens to use the enter()/leave() methods. removed more global data. Also call enter() on start screen at construction of the user_interface. This is important.

src/sub_gauges_display.cpp (r1.30) src/sub_gauges_display.h (r1.17) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.164) thjordan : Avoid wasting ram, reworked screens to use the enter()/leave() methods. removed more global data.

src/global_data.cpp (r1.141) src/global_data.h (r1.130) src/logbook_display.cpp (r1.11) src/logbook_display.h (r1.5) src/ships_sunk_display.cpp (r1.26) src/ships_sunk_display.h (r1.19) src/sub_bridge_display.cpp (r1.15) src/sub_bridge_display.h (r1.9) src/sub_damage_display.cpp (r1.32) src/sub_damage_display.h (r1.21) src/sub_gauges_display.cpp (r1.29) src/sub_gauges_display.h (r1.16) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.36) src/sub_periscope_display.h (r1.16) src/sub_torpedo_display.cpp (r1.28) src/sub_torpedo_display.h (r1.15) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.20) src/sub_uzo_display.h (r1.7) 2006-12-08

simsoueu : Updated credits for Marco's sound effects (in development-data tree, under Marcos_SFX).

CREDITS (r1.11) 2006-12-07

thjordan : Save more ram by using enter/leave

src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.38) src/sub_tdc_display.h (r1.15) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.163) uid65557 : Correctly handle non-power-two textures with gl_height/gl_width members

src/texture.cpp (r1.67) thjordan : Save more ram by using enter/leave

src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.35) src/sub_periscope_display.h (r1.15) thjordan : Save more ram by using enter/leave

src/sub_kdb_display.cpp (r1.17) src/sub_kdb_display.h (r1.5) src/sub_bg_display.cpp (r1.3) src/sub_bg_display.h (r1.2) src/sub_gauges_display.cpp (r1.28) src/sub_gauges_display.h (r1.15) src/sub_ghg_display.cpp (r1.5) src/sub_ghg_display.h (r1.4) thjordan : Move initializtation/deinit of screens to special functions that are called when user enters/leaves the screen or daymode changes. Thus ram is used only when screen is visible, with the possibility to save tons of system and/or video ram.

src/game.cpp (r1.210) src/game.h (r1.117) src/sub_torpsetup_display.cpp (r1.20) src/sub_torpsetup_display.h (r1.9) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.162) src/user_display.h (r1.24) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.272) src/user_interface.h (r1.122) thjordan : Use texture sizes with non-power-of-two values if supported to avoid wasting video ram

src/image.cpp (r1.35) src/texture.cpp (r1.66) src/texture.h (r1.49) 2006-12-06

thjordan : Added two short comments about caching and memory usage

src/image.cpp (r1.34) src/widget.cpp (r1.67) 2006-12-04

thjordan : Move conning tower model from global data to freeview class

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.63) src/freeview_display.h (r1.19) src/global_data.cpp (r1.140) src/global_data.h (r1.129) src/objcache.h (r1.16) 2006-12-02

thjordan : Added outcommented code to measure loading times

src/texture.cpp (r1.65) thjordan : Add comment

src/sound.cpp (r1.25) thjordan : Load images always on demand, saving tons of memory. later we should add some caching.

src/global_data.cpp (r1.139) src/global_data.h (r1.128) src/map_display.cpp (r1.64) src/objcache.h (r1.15) src/sub_damage_display.cpp (r1.31) src/sub_damage_display.h (r1.20) src/subsim.cpp (r1.207) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.271) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.63) src/widget.cpp (r1.66) src/widget.h (r1.49) thjordan : Added comments and disabled test to measure ram waste

src/font.cpp (r1.44) 2006-12-01

doc1972 : Check under WIN32 if WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN was already defined and prevent double definition

src/filehelper.h (r1.9) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable codeleftbr

src/font.cpp (r1.43) doc1972 : Check under WIN32 if WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN was already defined and prevent double definition

src/global_data.h (r1.127) doc1972 : Casts from double to int

src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.62) doc1972 : Typecast from signed to unsigned

src/texture.cpp (r1.64) doc1972 : Check under WIN32 if WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN was already defined and prevent double definition

src/texture.h (r1.48) doc1972 : Deleted unused variables sub, si and player

src/sub_bg_display.cpp (r1.2) src/sub_ghg_display.cpp (r1.4) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable sky_alpha

src/sky.cpp (r1.59) doc1972 : Deleted unused (double defined) variable strength

src/submarine.cpp (r1.124) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable moon_alpha

src/sky.cpp (r1.58) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable time_to_rudder_opposite

src/ship.cpp (r1.116) doc1972 : Commented out unused state

src/subsim.cpp (r1.206) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable fw

src/widget.cpp (r1.65) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable sub and si

src/sub_kdb_display.cpp (r1.16) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable sub

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.62) doc1972 : Deleted unused variable d

src/convoy.cpp (r1.69) 2006-11-30

doc1972 : Cleared unused variable impact

src/gun_shell.cpp (r1.35) doc1972 : Lines 1276;1296 Typecast from double to unsigned int

src/game.cpp (r1.209) doc1972 : Cleared unused variable sub

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.61) doc1972 : Unused variable d cleared out

src/convoy.cpp (r1.68) doc1972 : Unused variables should be commented out ;-)

src/sub_kdb_display.cpp (r1.15) doc1972 : Cleared up unused variables sub and si

src/sub_kdb_display.cpp (r1.14) doc1972 : Line 56;57 typecast of the result from unsigned to signed

src/sub_torpsetup_display.h (r1.8) doc1972 : Line 438;439 typecast from signed to unsigned

src/user_interface.cpp (r1.270) doc1972 : Included check if WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN was already defined and prevent double definition

src/matrix4.h (r1.23) doc1972 : In draw_area cleanupf of unused variable fw

src/widget.cpp (r1.64) doc1972 : Line 122;126 compariosn signed<->unsigned cleared

src/oceantest.cpp (r1.6) doc1972 : Included undef ERROR for win32, because it was already defined in wingdi.h

src/error.h (r1.7) doc1972 : Included check if WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN was already defined

src/color.h (r1.30) doc1972 : Michael Kieser hinzugefügt

src/credits.h (r1.13) thjordan : Undef MEMMEASURE

src/image.cpp (r1.33) src/texture.cpp (r1.63) thjordan : Clean up memory/objects before leaving; attach pointers/objects to auto_ptr instead of C-like pointer to have exception-safe code

src/cfg.h (r1.12) src/datadirs.h (r1.6) src/logbook_display.cpp (r1.10) src/logbook_display.h (r1.4) src/subsim.cpp (r1.205) src/system.cpp (r1.61) src/texture.cpp (r1.62) src/texture.h (r1.47) src/viewmodel.cpp (r1.61) src/widget.cpp (r1.63) src/widget.h (r1.48) 2006-11-28

rengolin : More portuguese menus

data/texts/common.csv (r1.35) thjordan : Now subdetail is added to wave data

src/water.cpp (r1.179.2.3) thjordan : More tests

src/water.cpp (r1.179.2.2) rengolin : Translator don't break lines anymore main menu translated to portuguese

data/texts/common.csv (r1.34) data/texts/languages.csv (r1.8) rengolin : Portuguese translation leaded to paddings, restarting from scratch

data/texts/common.csv (r1.33) rengolin : Only changing units methods to physics

src/convoy.cpp (r1.67.2.1) src/map_display.cpp (r1.63.2.1) src/physics.cpp (r1.4.2.1) src/physics.h (r1.5.2.1) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.103.2.1) src/sea_object.h (r1.95.2.1) src/ship.cpp (r1.115.2.1) src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.37.2.1) src/submarine.cpp (r1.123.2.1) src/torpedo.cpp (r1.68.2.1) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.269.2.1) 2006-11-26

simsoueu : Unified license, instead of several files.

data/LICENSE (r1.1) simsoueu : New unified license.

LICENSE (r1.3) simsoueu : Updating for a unified license.

data/ARTWORK_LICENSE (r1.2) data/Archive_FAQ.htm (r1.2) data/Archive_TERMS.htm (r1.2) data/NavalHistoricCenterPolicy.htm (r1.2) data/VeraLynn_-ImInTheMood-LICENSE.htm (r1.2) data/VeraLynn-ImInTheMood-_LICENSE.txt (r1.2) data/WW2Incolor_Policy.htm (r1.2) simsoueu : Making a single unified license.

ARTWORK_LICENSE (r1.5) LICENSE (r1.2) LICENSE_README (r1.5) thjordan : Added VC++2005 howto and example project files as zip, made by Hiten Parmar

doc/howto_vc_build.txt (r1.1) doc/ (r1.1) thjordan : VC++ compatibility changes

src/oglext/glext.h (r1.5) src/bspline.h (r1.21) src/coastmap.cpp (r1.64) src/credits.h (r1.12) src/make_mesh.cpp (r1.10) src/model.cpp (r1.120) src/portal.cpp (r1.12) src/sonar.cpp (r1.22) src/sonar.h (r1.11) src/sonar_operator.cpp (r1.7) src/sonar_operator.h (r1.3) src/tone_reproductor.cpp (r1.3) src/tone_reproductor.h (r1.2) src/xml.cpp (r1.15) 2006-11-24

doc1972 : Instantiation of DELTA moved to the physics.cpp file. Instantiation within the physics.h file gives errors on some machines. Error is not really known.

src/physics.cpp (r1.4) src/physics.h (r1.5) 2006-11-23

thjordan : Current test code for geoclipmap water

src/water.cpp (r1.179.2.1) src/water.h (r1.51.2.1) thjordan : Static const does work

src/physics.cpp (r1.3) src/physics.h (r1.4) thjordan : Added comment

src/texture.cpp (r1.61) thjordan : Added std::

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.60) thjordan : Improved error handling/reporting

src/error.cpp (r1.3) src/error.h (r1.6) thjordan : Fixed compile problems: static constants MUST NOT be of double/float or other type, especially problematic in templates

src/airplane.cpp (r1.39) src/depth_charge.cpp (r1.34) src/environment.cpp (r1.2) src/ocean_wave_generator.h (r1.30) src/physics.cpp (r1.2) src/physics.h (r1.3) src/plane.h (r1.2) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.103) src/ship.cpp (r1.115) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.22) 2006-11-20

thjordan : Added missing include

src/physics.h (r1.2) thjordan : Added pt (brazil) as language

data/texts/common.csv (r1.32) data/texts/formats.csv (r1.3) data/texts/languages.csv (r1.7) 2006-11-19

thjordan : Added clear_trans method

src/matrix4.h (r1.22) thjordan : Moved code from portal.cpp to separate files to make it available generally

src/SConscript (r1.50) src/frustum.cpp (r1.1) src/frustum.h (r1.1) src/plane.h (r1.1) src/polygon.h (r1.1) src/portal.cpp (r1.11) 2006-11-15

rengolin : Introducing environment and physics classes. All physical transformations and contants should be handled exclusively by those classes. The only thing moved now was the constant GRAVITY but all methods and algorithms would be migrated as well.

src/SConscript (r1.49) src/airplane.cpp (r1.38) src/depth_charge.cpp (r1.33) src/global_data.h (r1.126) src/ocean_wave_generator.h (r1.29) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.102) src/ship.cpp (r1.114) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.21) rengolin : Environments and physics modules

src/environment.cpp (r1.1) src/environment.h (r1.1) src/physics.cpp (r1.1) src/physics.h (r1.1) 2006-11-14

doc1972 : Line 2 restored from to "bearing" line 98 restored from to "Time x" cz language for this lines left to

data/texts/common.csv (r1.31) doc1972 : Included the commandline argument --language

src/subsim.cpp (r1.204) 2006-11-11

simsoueu : Updated license, main and data, for separate packages.

data/ARTWORK_LICENSE (r1.1) simsoueu : Cleaned up license files and updated them for Martin's contributions, as well as some comments on contributions.

ARTWORK_LICENSE (r1.4) LICENSE_README (r1.4) simsoueu : Removing duplicate entries, and updating license for Martin's contributions.

ARTWORK_LICENSE (r1.3) simsoueu : Removing duplicate entries and cleaning up things.

ARTWORK_LICENSE (r1.2) LICENSE_README (r1.3) simsoueu : Updating license information for a smaller file, removing duplicates.

data/LICENSE_README (r1.2) simsoueu : There was a contradicting point with LICENSE_README and ARTWORK_LICENSE. Fixed.

LICENSE_README (r1.2) bombardier : Sky sphere is rendered as indexed array of quad strips.

src/sky.cpp (r1.57) 2006-11-09

thjordan : Available languages are requested at runtime now and presented as list for selection

src/subsim.cpp (r1.203) thjordan : Fixed errors in format

data/texts/formats.csv (r1.2) data/texts/common.csv (r1.30) thjordan : Added czech and french language; added new text ressource for date format string

data/texts/common.csv (r1.29) data/texts/formats.csv (r1.1) data/texts/languages.csv (r1.6) thjordan : Removed debug output

src/texts.cpp (r1.32) thjordan : Automatically detect available languages; format texts with format string

src/texts.cpp (r1.31) src/texts.h (r1.35) thjordan : Added handy helper function

src/global_data.h (r1.125) thjordan : Use texts class for date string formatting

src/game.cpp (r1.208) thjordan : Removed obsolete functions, use texts class for date string formatting

src/date.cpp (r1.20) src/date.h (r1.18) thjordan : Fixed typo

src/widget.cpp (r1.62) 2006-11-08

bombardier : Sky sphere is rendered as indexed array of quads, which eliminates duplicate vertex color computation.

src/sky.cpp (r1.56) src/sky.h (r1.19) simsoueu : Added Benjamin Carrier's french translation (thanks Benjamin).

data/texts/common.csv (r1.28) data/texts/languages.csv (r1.5) 2006-11-07

thjordan : Clean up when you change texture environment next time!!!

src/moon.cpp (r1.8) 2006-11-06

thjordan : Fix empty strings, or otherwise parser breaks

data/texts/common.csv (r1.27) thjordan : Remove obsolete texts; shifted 753 ff to 125ff

data/texts/common.csv (r1.26) src/submarine.cpp (r1.123) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.161) 2006-11-01

thjordan : Added handy allocator for vectors to get 16-byte aligned memory

src/align16_allocator.h (r1.1) 2006-10-27

thjordan : Added reminding comment

data/shaders/water_vp.shader (r1.18) 2006-10-21

thjordan : Fix broken cvs version

src/water.cpp (r1.179) thjordan : Use quad strips for water rendering, do not use rather obsolete compiled vertex arrays

src/water.cpp (r1.178) thjordan : Fixed possible sigsegv bug

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.101) 2006-10-20

thjordan : Change VBO usage mode

src/water.cpp (r1.177) 2006-10-19

thjordan : Fixed VBO support for non-shader water rendering

src/water.cpp (r1.176) src/water.h (r1.51) thjordan : Use correct size

src/water.cpp (r1.175) bombardier : Brighter moon

src/moon.cpp (r1.7) thjordan : Use more VBOs

src/vertexbuffer.cpp (r1.2) src/water.cpp (r1.174) src/water.h (r1.50) thjordan : Added reminding comment

src/vertexbuffer.h (r1.2) thjordan : Added vertex buffer object class; water renderer uses vertex buffer objects now

src/SConscript (r1.48) src/vertexbuffer.cpp (r1.1) src/vertexbuffer.h (r1.1) src/water.cpp (r1.173) src/water.h (r1.49) bombardier : Some minor clenup.

src/moon.cpp (r1.6) thjordan : Small performance improvement

src/moon.cpp (r1.5) thjordan : Ccompute moon normal map at runtime

data/textures/moon_n.png (r1.2) src/moon.cpp (r1.4) bombardier : New moon rendering using normal mapped quad instead of hardcoded moon phases. (Removing old moon phase textures)

data/textures/moon_00.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_01.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_02.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_03.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_04.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_05.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_06.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_07.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_08.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_09.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_10.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_11.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_12.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_13.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_14.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_15.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_16.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_17.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_18.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_19.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_20.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_21.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_22.png (r1.2) data/textures/moon_23.png (r1.2) bombardier : New moon rendering using normal mapped quad instead of hardcoded moon phases.

data/textures/moon_d.png (r1.1) data/textures/moon_n.png (r1.1) src/moon.cpp (r1.3) src/moon.h (r1.2) src/sky.cpp (r1.55) src/sky.h (r1.18) 2006-10-13

simsoueu : Added 32x32px png icons.

dftd_icon.png (r1.1) dftd_icon.xpm (r1.1) 2006-10-12

New tag: "RELEASE_0-2-0"

thjordan : Check if there is a CVS subdir, and only offer "tarball" target in that case

SConstruct (r1.65) thjordan : Bugfixes for deck gun handling

data/texts/common.csv (r1.25) src/ai.cpp (r1.59) src/faulthandler.h (r1.7) src/ship.cpp (r1.113) src/ship.h (r1.96) src/submarine.cpp (r1.122) src/submarine.h (r1.88) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.160) 2006-10-11

thjordan : Changes to make it compile under win32

SConstruct (r1.64) thjordan : Bugfixes

src/game_editor.cpp (r1.12) src/map_display.cpp (r1.63) thjordan : When tubes are empty do not report "torpedo fired" and do not play launch sound

src/submarine.cpp (r1.121) src/submarine.h (r1.87) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.159) thjordan : Language bugfix

src/objcache.h (r1.14) thjordan : Translated some texts

data/texts/common.csv (r1.24) 2006-10-10

thjordan : Updated

ChangeLog (r1.187) thjordan : Adapted build system to new way of packaging data

version.txt (r1.1) thjordan : Adapted build system to new way of packaging data

SConstruct (r1.63) files.txt (r1.62) (r1.1) makedeb (r1.17) (r1.5) makewinpack (r1.12) debian/DEBIAN/control (r1.11) src/SConscript (r1.47) suse/dangerdeep.spec (r1.2) thjordan : Added comment; makefilelist builds data package as test

files.txt (r1.61) (r1.4) thjordan : Added comment

src/SConscript (r1.46) thjordan : Config directory, highscore directory and savegame directory can be set at runtime

src/filehelper.cpp (r1.11) src/filehelper.h (r1.8) src/subsim.cpp (r1.202) thjordan : Base data directory can be set at runtime

src/datadirs.cpp (r1.10) src/datadirs.h (r1.5) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.59) src/global_data.cpp (r1.138) src/global_data.h (r1.124) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.100) src/ships_sunk_display.cpp (r1.25) src/subsim.cpp (r1.201) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.269) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.20) 2006-10-09

thjordan : Fix torpedo chooser, use types according to historic data

src/submarine.cpp (r1.120) thjordan : Use CTRL + MMB instead of RMB to drag objects

src/map_display.cpp (r1.62) thjordan : Remove compile hack

src/oglext/RenderingContext.cpp (r1.8) 2006-10-08

thjordan : Update

files.txt (r1.60) makedeb (r1.16) debian/DEBIAN/control (r1.10) thjordan : Smoke and spray are colored by light color too

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.58) src/freeview_display.h (r1.18) src/particle.cpp (r1.37) src/particle.h (r1.23) thjordan : Improved upwelling color of water at night and sky color at night

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.57) src/water.cpp (r1.172) thjordan : Use slash as file separator character always, no matter which platform. C/C++ standard wants it also that way.

SConstruct (r1.62) src/model.cpp (r1.119) thjordan : Compilation fixes for win32

src/oglext/OglExt.cpp (r1.6) src/oglext/RenderingContext.cpp (r1.7) src/oglext/RenderingContext.hpp (r1.5) thjordan : Compilation fixes for win32

src/bspline.h (r1.20) src/make_mesh.cpp (r1.9) src/model.cpp (r1.118) src/system.h (r1.38) thjordan : Changes on water_fp shader for foam color; changes for water upwelling color (depending on light color now); night sky is dim blue

data/shaders/water_fp.shader (r1.36) src/color.h (r1.29) src/daysky.cpp (r1.11) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.56) src/game.cpp (r1.207) src/game.h (r1.116) src/sky.cpp (r1.54) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.268) src/water.cpp (r1.171) src/water.h (r1.48) thjordan : Remove testing printfs

src/sub_kdb_display.cpp (r1.13) 2006-10-07

thjordan : Fixed bug causing NaN for sky color; remove silly const from argument definitions

src/daysky.cpp (r1.10) src/daysky.h (r1.4) src/game.cpp (r1.206) thjordan : Improved sky color

src/sky.cpp (r1.53) src/subsim.cpp (r1.200) src/daysky.cpp (r1.9) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.55) src/game.cpp (r1.205) src/game.h (r1.115) thjordan : Added pause key to in-game main menu

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.158) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.267) src/user_interface.h (r1.121) thjordan : Hack to make it compile on other systems...

src/oglext/RenderingContext.cpp (r1.6) thjordan : Added text for pause button

data/texts/common.csv (r1.23) 2006-10-05

thjordan : Fix triangle height display error

src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.34) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.19) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.266) src/user_interface.h (r1.120) thjordan : Show red triangle below target

src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.33) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.18) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.265) src/user_interface.h (r1.119) thjordan : New texts for new menues

data/texts/common.csv (r1.22) thjordan : Added widget checkbox with helper template class; use checkboxes in playlist

src/user_interface.cpp (r1.264) src/user_interface.h (r1.118) src/widget.cpp (r1.61) src/widget.h (r1.47) thjordan : New context main menu; menues dragable with MMB now

src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.37) src/sub_tdc_display.h (r1.14) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.157) src/submarine_interface.h (r1.55) src/system.h (r1.37) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.263) src/user_interface.h (r1.117) src/widget.cpp (r1.60) thjordan : Show message texts in every display screen

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.54) src/sub_bridge_display.cpp (r1.14) src/sub_gauges_display.cpp (r1.27) src/sub_periscope_display.cpp (r1.32) src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.36) src/sub_torpsetup_display.cpp (r1.19) src/sub_uzo_display.cpp (r1.17) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.262) src/user_interface.h (r1.116) 2006-10-04

thjordan : In-game playlist implemented

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.156) src/submarine_interface.h (r1.54) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.261) src/user_interface.h (r1.115) thjordan : New texts for music playlist

data/texts/common.csv (r1.21) thjordan : New widget functions; first parts of in-game playlist

src/music.cpp (r1.7) src/music.h (r1.6) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.155) src/subsim.cpp (r1.199) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.260) src/user_interface.h (r1.114) src/widget.cpp (r1.59) src/widget.h (r1.46) thjordan : New versions of oglext and tinyxml included, with adaptions to new tinyxml library

src/xml.cpp (r1.14) src/oglext/CHANGELOG (r1.2) src/oglext/Macros.h (r1.8) src/oglext/OglExt.cpp (r1.5) src/oglext/OglExt.h (r1.4) src/oglext/RCHashArray.hpp (r1.4) src/oglext/RenderingContext.cpp (r1.5) src/oglext/RenderingContext.hpp (r1.4) src/oglext/glext.h (r1.4) src/tinyxml/changes.txt (r1.1) src/tinyxml/readme.txt (r1.1) src/tinyxml/tinyxml.cpp (r1.4) src/tinyxml/tinyxml.h (r1.6) src/tinyxml/tinyxmlerror.cpp (r1.4) src/tinyxml/tinyxmlparser.cpp (r1.4) 2006-10-03

thjordan : Sky color patches

src/daysky.cpp (r1.8) src/daysky.h (r1.3) src/sky.cpp (r1.52) thjordan : Fix utf8 characters

src/credits.h (r1.11) thjordan : Clean up data before leaving

src/credits.h (r1.10) src/global_data.cpp (r1.137) src/image.h (r1.22) src/objcache.h (r1.13) src/subsim.cpp (r1.198) thjordan : Updated

files.txt (r1.59) thjordan : Fixed memory leak

src/game.cpp (r1.204) src/image.cpp (r1.32) src/subsim.cpp (r1.197) src/texture.cpp (r1.60) src/xml.cpp (r1.13) src/xml.h (r1.12) thjordan : New ptrvector container to avoid memory leaks; new music class and playlist manager

src/credits.h (r1.9) src/global_data.cpp (r1.136) src/image.cpp (r1.31) src/image.h (r1.21) src/music.cpp (r1.6) src/music.h (r1.5) src/ptrvector.h (r1.5) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.99) src/sea_object.h (r1.95) src/sound.cpp (r1.24) src/sound.h (r1.14) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.154) src/subsim.cpp (r1.196) src/system.cpp (r1.60) src/system.h (r1.36) src/texture.cpp (r1.59) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.259) src/user_interface.h (r1.113) src/water.cpp (r1.170) thjordan : Added new music from Martin

data/sounds/Auf_Feindfahrt.ogg (r1.1) data/sounds/Auf_Feindfahrt_environmental.ogg (r1.1) data/sounds/Auf_Feindfahrt_fast.ogg (r1.1) data/sounds/outside_underwater.ogg (r1.1) data/sounds/theme.ogg (r1.1) thjordan : Changed water splash appearance

data/textures/splashring.png (r1.3) src/particle.cpp (r1.36) src/particle.h (r1.22) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.19) src/water_splash.h (r1.17) 2006-10-02

thjordan : Added comment about second menu

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.153) thjordan : Screen selector menu also moveable when using left mouse button and clicking on title bar

src/user_interface.cpp (r1.258) thjordan : Added comment

src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.152) thjordan : Context menu finished - you can select screens by context menu, and even drag that menu around the screen

data/texts/common.csv (r1.20) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.151) src/submarine_interface.h (r1.53) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.257) 2006-10-01

simsoueu : Added new G7a/G7e torpedo model textures.

data/textures/g7a_torpedo_color.jpg (r1.1) data/textures/g7e_torpedo_color.jpg (r1.1) simsoueu : Added new G7a/G7e torpedo models.

data/models/g7a_torpedo.cs (r1.1) data/models/g7a_torpedo.ddxml (r1.1) data/models/g7e_torpedo.cs (r1.1) data/models/g7e_torpedo.ddxml (r1.1) simsoueu : Deleted old torpedo model.

data/models/torpedo_g7.3ds (r1.2) thjordan : Experimental context menu added

src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.35) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.150) src/user_interface.cpp (r1.256) src/user_interface.h (r1.112) thjordan : Fog patches by matt

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.53) src/sky.cpp (r1.51) 2006-09-30

thjordan : Easier generation in convoy.cpp with probabilities

src/convoy.cpp (r1.67) thjordan : Do not render foam for torpedoes as quick and dirty solution to the foam torpedo rendering problem

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.52) thjordan : Uncommented test variable

src/water.cpp (r1.169) thjordan : Redisplay model when skin changed

src/subsim.cpp (r1.195) thjordan : Themes now have extra colors for scrollbars

data/textures/widgetelements_game.png (r1.4) data/textures/widgetelements_grey.png (r1.4) data/textures/widgetelements_menu.png (r1.7) src/widget.cpp (r1.58) src/widget.h (r1.45) 2006-09-29

thjordan : Updated

files.txt (r1.58) thjordan : Use right order of arguments for pkg-config

SConstruct (r1.61) 2006-09-28

thjordan : Use saner way of avoiding detection of other objects for trivial types (shells, DCs, splashes, torpedoes, ...)

src/airplane.h (r1.36) src/depth_charge.cpp (r1.32) src/gun_shell.cpp (r1.34) src/sea_object.cpp (r1.98) src/sea_object.h (r1.94) src/ship.h (r1.95) src/torpedo.h (r1.45) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.18) simsoueu : Updated splash files.

data/textures/splashring.png (r1.2) thjordan : Fix bug where ships started to "flicker" after being hit - they were redetected every second but removed on the next frame from visibility list

src/sea_object.cpp (r1.97) thjordan : Fixed severe bug, do not call object detection for simple sea_objects (shells, depth charges, torpedoes, water splashes) or the game segfaults when ships are removed.

src/depth_charge.cpp (r1.31) src/gun_shell.cpp (r1.33) src/torpedo.cpp (r1.68) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.17) thjordan : Use different shaped water splashes for torpedoes, gun_shells and depth charges

src/bspline.h (r1.19) src/bspline_test.cpp (r1.2) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.51) src/game.cpp (r1.203) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.16) src/water_splash.h (r1.16) simsoueu : Updated SConstruct for architecture independent build +xorg6/7/7.1.

SConstruct (r1.60) 2006-09-27

thjordan : New depth mask handling for overlapping alpha objects

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.50) thjordan : Water splashes are depth sorted by distance to player so alpha rendering works

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.49) thjordan : Use new water splash class for water splashes, crude hack in many places

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.48) src/game.cpp (r1.202) src/game.h (r1.114) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.15) src/water_splash.h (r1.15) 2006-09-26

thjordan : Different rise/fall shape

src/water_splash.cpp (r1.14) src/water_splash.h (r1.14) thjordan : Added water splashes (currently only test hack) and bspline test

src/SConscript (r1.45) src/bspline.h (r1.18) src/bspline_test.cpp (r1.1) src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.47) src/water_splash.cpp (r1.13) src/water_splash.h (r1.13) 2006-09-25

thjordan : Test render added

src/freeview_display.cpp (r1.46) src/game.h (r1.113) thjordan : Optimize loop

SConstruct (r1.59) files.txt (r1.57) thjordan : Fix scons warnings

src/SConscript (r1.44) 2006-09-24

thjordan : New water splash images

data/textures/splash.png (r1.1) data/textures/splashring.png (r1.1) data/textures/torpedo_expl_water_splash.png (r1.4) data/textures/torpedo_expl_water_splash_1.png (r1.4) data/textures/torpedo_expl_water_splash_2.png (r1.4) src/particle.cpp (r1.35) 2006-09-23

thjordan : More cleanups of the namespace pollution

src/ai.cpp (r1.58) src/airplane_interface.cpp (r1.11) src/cfg.h (r1.11) src/coastmap.h (r1.37) src/convoy.cpp (r1.66) src/date.cpp (r1.19) src/freeview_display.h (r1.17) src/game.cpp (r1.201) src/game.h (r1.112) src/game_editor.cpp (r1.11) src/highscorelist.cpp (r1.7) src/highscorelist.h (r1.8) src/logbook.h (r1.18) src/map_display.cpp (r1.61) src/network.cpp (r1.7) src/network.h (r1.6) src/ocean_wave_generator.h (r1.28) src/parser.cpp (r1.32) src/parser.h (r1.11) src/particle.cpp (r1.34) src/ship.cpp (r1.112) src/sky.cpp (r1.50) src/sonar_operator.cpp (r1.6) src/sub_damage_display.h (r1.19) src/sub_gauges_display.h (r1.14) src/sub_periscope_display.h (r1.14) src/sub_tdc_display.cpp (r1.34) src/sub_torpedo_display.h (r1.14) src/sub_torpsetup_display.h (r1.7) src/submarine.cpp (r1.119) src/torpedo.cpp (r1.67) src/user_interface.h (r1.111) src/water.cpp (r1.168) src/widget.cpp (r1.57) src/xml.cpp (r1.12) thjordan : Remove more silly using directives

src/airplane_interface.h (r1.5) src/ship_interface.h (r1.19) src/submarine_interface.h (r1.52) thjordan : Fixed namespace issues and deprecated c++ syntax

src/ai.h (r1.32) src/airplane.cpp (r1.37) src/airplane.h (r1.35) src/airplane_interface.cpp (r1.10) src/binstream.h (r1.17) src/bspline.h (r1.17) src/cfg.cpp (r1.14) src/cfg.h (r1.10) src/convoy.cpp (r1.65) src/damagemodel.cpp (r1.15) src/date.cpp (r1.18) src/date.h (r1.17) src/filehelper.cpp (r1.10) src/filehelper.h (r1.7) src/global_data.cpp (r1.135) src/global_data.h (r1.123) src/gun_shell.h (r1.24) src/logbook.h (r1.17) src/make_mesh.cpp (r1.8) src/make_mesh.h (r1.5) src/matrix4.h (r1.21) src/model.cpp (r1.117) src/model.h (r1.74) src/network.cpp (r1.6) src/network.h (r1.5) src/objcache.h (r1.12) src/parser.cpp (r1.31) src/parser.h (r1.10) src/particle.cpp (r1.33) src/particle.h (r1.21) src/quaternion.h (r1.14) src/ship.cpp (r1.111) src/ship.h (r1.94) src/sky.cpp (r1.49) src/sky.h (r1.17) src/sound.cpp (r1.23) src/sound.h (r1.13) src/submarine.cpp (r1.118) src/submarine.h (r1.86) src/submarine_interface.cpp (r1.149) src/system.cpp (r1.59) src/token.h (r1.8) src/tokenizer.cpp (r1.8) src/tokenizer.h (r1.8) src/triangulate.cpp (r1.14) src/triangulate.h (r1.9) src/water.cpp (r1.167) src/water.h (r1.47) src/widget.cpp (r1.56) src/widget.h (r1.44) src/xml.cpp (r1.11)