Dangerdeep License Disclaimer

This program is released under the GNU GPL v2 license, however the artwork, copyright by Thorsten Jordan and Luis Barrancos, is restricted to dangerdeep, and therefore not released under the GPL license. At a later date, we might release the artwork under a Creative Commons GPL compatible license. Note that anyone wishing to contribute with artwork, can do so with their own choices of licenses, this restriction applies only to the 2d, 3d, sound files and cinematics, made by Thorstan Jordan, Luis Barrancos, Alexandre Paes.

Also note that some files, specially period sountracks, and historic broadcasts, were used because they either were in the public domain, or had Creative Commons licenses that allowed us to do so. These particular soundtracks and sound files, retain their own licenses, and their respective Creative Commons disclaimers are included in the game distribution, as well as a complete reference to all media used, that was available either in Public Domain, or in Creative Commons.